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Are you planning to visit Scandinavia?

Let’s talk!

Are you planning a trip to Scandinavia? I take care of all the practical details regarding the trip.
I organize trips for between 10 and 400 people.

I’ll take care of the big picture

Transport, accommodation, meals, facilities and activities.
Short decision paths, knowledge and experience.
Creative, practical and flexible solutions.
Of course, I provide free quotations.

Treats for all

Where do you stay? Choose from charming bed and breakfast or guesthouses, classic seaside hotel, chateaux or modern designed conference facilities.

Where and what do you eat? Exclusive or simply close to nature? A feast of luxury restaurant or grill hot dogs on the beach?
I’ll help you find the goodies.

Combine, mix and unwind

Are you interested in architecture, art, design, food, agriculture, music, history, lobster fishing or asparagus cultivation? I have a large network of contacts. From guides, chefs and speakers to yoga instructors, artists, floral artists, sports figures and local entrepreneurs.

Let us open the doors

Whether for your next conference, board meeting or group event, I can help. The simplest can be the most exklusive.

About me

I have a long, broad and varied experience from the travel industry and travel life. I call Skåne my home, but I work across borders with an international perspective.

I have worked with group travel and conference arrangements for many years. In addition, I have also been a UN soldier in Lebanon and a tour guide. I am passionate about exciting travel, culture, music and my beloved garden. I have my roots in Västergötland, but nowadays my feet are firmly grounded, but I fly freely.

Languages spoken: English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and, of course, Skånska.

Call me for an unconditional call for your next conference trip in Scandinavia!

Telephone: +46 70 950 05 59
E-mail: camilla@connectscandinavia.se

Dela med dig!